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Friday, 4 November 2011

The Cats Whiskers....

Firstly.. only slightly off topic, meet Murphy my gorgeous cat... now here are some good looking whiskers!!

'Whiskering' in the denim world is a procedure that helps us launder our jeans to look more authentically aged. check out the video and you will get the gist...

It is extremely hard to look real, taking years to perfect and I have a real bug bear when I see jeans on the market that are flat with extreme stripes, like this for instance...

AWFUL!!... There is nothing authentic about these jeans, I mean, the whiskers look like bleached stripes, the brushing down the thigh is sooo extreme, I have no idea what you would naturally need to do to get it that bright besides continuously rubbing sandpaper down your legs??? Don't get me started on the 'cat' scratching on right thigh, you have met Murphy above, he is a big boy but does not have the claws to cause these marks... you would need to be wrestling with a tiger to get such damage!!.. grrrr

My advise to you, buy a rinse wash indigo pair of jeans and wear them in yourselves, its much more satisfying when you see the affects that your life has on your blues! Beautiful..

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