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Saturday, 21 January 2012


Hi Guys,

Sorry for the blog black out, I have been moving house and only just managed to hook up my tinterweb.. its a refreshing life without google, it makes you go back to archaic practices like using a phone book!!.. Crazzeeeeee stuff huh!

Today I have finally unpacked the very last box after 3 weeks in my new place and I have to say, the majority of the removal van was filled with my clothes!! Eeekkk.. my poor boyfriend was amazed when I finally produced 5 suitcases and 14 bags jam packed with every piece of clothing I have ever owned! As you can imagine a small dispute ensued as to why i would need to keep items that I have not worn in years, well in short.. he won the battle (I gave up 3 bags to the local charity shop). But I am confident i will win the war!! The simple fact is trends run in rotation.. give it a few more seasons and I will absolutely need that backless lurex tunic/ retro ski jacket/ silk pyjama suit.. the list is endless.

Specifically in denim, this as you know is my weakness and I have over 30 pairs!.. I take my collection of jeans very seriously, but as it says below.. your blues last a lifetime!