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Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Introduction

...I have set up a blog!!
Now for those that know me, I am slightly technically challenged but have a willingness to learn..
I am a denim buyer of womenswear (I will not reveal the brand as its much more fun for me if you guess!). I love my job! I am a very happy girl, so lucky to work within this community of absolute geeks.. believe me, our joy of all things indigo is contagious.. It's been said before, but denim truly is a religion, one that I practice with faith and belief.
This blog is exactly as the title states, a diary of denim, I will try and share all the highlights of my travels, the good, the bad and the ugly!
Here are a few images that got me hooked, starting from the beginning...

We must pay homage to Mr Levi Strauss. It all started innocently enough with work wear pants for minors & cowboys... Now of course Levi jeans are the staple of all wardrobe around this small globe of ours- you have a pair right??!
Denim worn by sailors in WWII
The working women from WWII
The one and only.. James Dean! What a dude.

Marilyn, the girl we need to thank for showing the world how sexy a girl can be in jeans.. 

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  1. Nice blog and thanks for a refreshing addition to the male dominated denim blogroll!!!