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Friday, 7 September 2012

Out of the race!

So.. Last week I took myself out of the race! How scary, yet thankfully exhilarating!

The fashion world in running at formula one speeds, we have no chance for a pit stop in London retail let alone a tea break. There is a constant need for MORE, not only in the expectations of ourselves, our jobs, our lives, but in the personal need for everything... Bigger house, Latest apple anything, Newest bag, Amazingly exotic holidays, Better Boyfriends! Londoners have a big hole that needs filling but never seems full.. Its soooo depressing! No wonder so many of us are giving up and heading to India to make our preferred modest fortune teaching Yoga to other burnt out Londoners.

Actually, I am not going to be a Yoga teacher, although that sounds like a fantastic job.. I will in fact be setting up my own small something. Hidden in a little denim bubble which always makes me happy! But I will take a few positive thoughts with me in my next adventure now I have finally broken the cycle...

Be Happy and mindful of what you have and how much you have achieved. Lets curb our greedy souls, kill the green eyed monster and start living the lives we have not the ones we want. You only live once remember, cheesy but true!

As for my future, its a big 'watch this space' I guess..? I am mostly all smiles this week but as a clever man once said-   'I have no special talent. Just passionately curious'.
                         Wish me Luck!!

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