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Thursday, 24 October 2013


Hello hello... How are you all? I am here, in the comfort of my little world pondering my next moves! Do I go all out, push myself to the very limits of sanity, stress and reward.. OR do I play it safe? This has been a very big question that has been pulling me in all directions of late and I simply cannot make up my mind! Hand one- I really enjoy my life at the moment, working in a nice tight bubble of creativity and freedom with no one but myself to be responsible for. I work to fulfil my joy of travelling and fund my expensive taste in clothes (that's a given to everyone in this industry!).. But.. Hand two-  there will be a time very soon when that will not be enough and I will hunger for more.. Pressure is a wonderful thing when it gets your heart beating and you remember your background and what a pleasure it was to be that crazy. 

 So, I put it to you... to Launch or not to Launch??.. 
   Answers on a postcard please!

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