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Friday, 27 June 2014

Bethnals Est 20.6.14

We have Launched! Whoop whoop… the bottle of bubbles have been popped, the initial response has been really positive and we are now gearing up to the next stage of our grand opening. Of which, I need your help. To promote the brand and to act as pre-orders to our launch collection we are running a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter. Check out the link below:

Its basically shopping up front, getting on the waiting list and securing the future of a new start up London Unisex denim brand. Join us on this exciting journey, your support would mean the world to me. 

You keep up to date with out progress on the below sites:

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Count down..

Hello Everyone, Long time no- words! You will be pleased to hear that I have been working hard and I'm happy to announce that my much loved (by me) small denim collection is on launch count down!..

coming soon!

I would absolutely love your support, watch this space…

Sunday, 22 December 2013

MY 2013..

Phew! 2013 in a nut shell has basically been Crazy Busy! But I have loved every minute!
My New Year resolution is to keep doing what I am doing.. but may be keep my feet on the ground a little more often..  Air miles. air miles. Air miles.. 
MERRY CHRISTMAS! May your 2014 be blessed with wonderful adventures xxx

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Hello hello... How are you all? I am here, in the comfort of my little world pondering my next moves! Do I go all out, push myself to the very limits of sanity, stress and reward.. OR do I play it safe? This has been a very big question that has been pulling me in all directions of late and I simply cannot make up my mind! Hand one- I really enjoy my life at the moment, working in a nice tight bubble of creativity and freedom with no one but myself to be responsible for. I work to fulfil my joy of travelling and fund my expensive taste in clothes (that's a given to everyone in this industry!).. But.. Hand two-  there will be a time very soon when that will not be enough and I will hunger for more.. Pressure is a wonderful thing when it gets your heart beating and you remember your background and what a pleasure it was to be that crazy. 

 So, I put it to you... to Launch or not to Launch??.. 
   Answers on a postcard please!

Friday, 6 September 2013


Today is the day to borrow your boyfriends jumper & hibernate... 
Happy Friday people xxx

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Long time...

I am sorry for the lack of chat recently, my head has been down in a world of deadlines and getting collections together, I have popped my head up today and realise there is a world outside of thread counts and enzyme washes! I also took a little inspirational trip out to LA & Vegas for The Magic Trade Show last week, which is always really good to see everything under one HUGE roof!. Anyway, before I spill the beans on SS14, here is what I am most excited about for Autumn- my favourite season..