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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cut off....

Whoop whoop... I have just finished packing my bag for my holiday!! I am a very lucky girl, in 4 days I will be heading off to paradise for some much needed R&R.......

There is only 1 thing a denim geek should be packing besides the bikini and snorkeling gear, and that is of course.. the vintage cut offs!!..

See you in a few weeks folks!.... xx

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Casual Depression...

Don't worry, I am not going to turn all doom and gloom on you now! However, the global recession is very much here to stay and its getting harder to keep any motivation when the world is in economic crisis! Anyone else bored of the new pop phrases being thrown about 'current economic climate', 'credit crunch', 'double dip'-- (and no, we are not talking about indigo here people!!)...??
Wish we could get lunch for $5 in London!!..

There is however a small silver lining to this very gloomy cloud, history proves that Denim sales grow in a recession (or 'depression' as it was called back in the day). Big Whoop Whoop for us dudes!!.....

It is very clear to see that spending patterns of the average consumer will change, the focus moves from high fashion to staple pieces that will last us through the dark days! No longer will we be parading around like a peacock with all our finery on display. No one wants to 'show off' their money in such an obvious way when we should be lucky to have wages to spend at all!

Ummm.. they are hardly average consumers!!..

Our style becomes more sombre, conservative, casual, step up a pair of 5 pocket jeans. Our savior in a recession! Chin up people, it will blow over soon enough and we will surface with integrity, wisdom and a thirst for the drama that is true couture fashion... In the mean time, go and buy yourself some good jeans....

Friday, 4 November 2011

The Cats Whiskers....

Firstly.. only slightly off topic, meet Murphy my gorgeous cat... now here are some good looking whiskers!!

'Whiskering' in the denim world is a procedure that helps us launder our jeans to look more authentically aged. check out the video and you will get the gist...

It is extremely hard to look real, taking years to perfect and I have a real bug bear when I see jeans on the market that are flat with extreme stripes, like this for instance...

AWFUL!!... There is nothing authentic about these jeans, I mean, the whiskers look like bleached stripes, the brushing down the thigh is sooo extreme, I have no idea what you would naturally need to do to get it that bright besides continuously rubbing sandpaper down your legs??? Don't get me started on the 'cat' scratching on right thigh, you have met Murphy above, he is a big boy but does not have the claws to cause these marks... you would need to be wrestling with a tiger to get such damage!!.. grrrr

My advise to you, buy a rinse wash indigo pair of jeans and wear them in yourselves, its much more satisfying when you see the affects that your life has on your blues! Beautiful..

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Respect your Elders...

I sat opposite a gorgeous old couple on the tube last night. Both impeccably dressed, the quintessential English couple..
I have always thought, as true 'grown ups' (65+) they have the pick of all the incredible fashion era's that they have lived through and finally decide on their own style in retirement.

Now, although I have only lived through 3 decades.. (a mere baby some might say)..
1980's- well, i was a child so it does not count (mum dressed me!!)
1990's- apart from a slight 'blip' in styles when the spice girls got me to buy cropped tops, hotpants and platformed buffalo's.. (tragic!). ..I was a grunge girl at heart! Music & 'My so called life' were my inspiration.
2000's- My years on the buying floor. There have been sooooooo many trends, some flash in the pan and some with a little more longevity. But there has always been one constant for me, jeans and a tshirt. Nice and simple and I can't see me changing anytime soon.

I wonder what the future generations will think of us, sat on the tube (hopefully we will have a nicer way to travel then?? space pods??).. in our vintage jeans and breton stripes, I cant wait to see this!

Don't get me wrong, i am not wishing my life away.. I have a few more mountains to climb first!